Black Dog Pest Solutions



In many areas council pest control will not cover squirrel problems and so using a private professional pest services company is recommended.

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Mice urinate and defecate constantly, contaminating work surfaces or even food left out in the kitchen. Our pest services include minor proofing to prevent further infestation.

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An infestation of rats can result in considerable damage to structures, and contamination of food and the spread of disease causes considerable concern.

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Wasp Pest Control Services

Wasp Nests

A large amount of the work we do to eradicate wasp problems takes place in August and September when workers have completed building their nest and seek out sweet foods.

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Mole Pest Control Services


Having trouble with moles? We specialise in humane trapping. We employ humane practices and avoid causing unnecessary suffering to a mole at all times.

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Bed Bug Pest Control Services

Bed Bugs

Bedbug control treatments require time, thoroughness, knowledge, the correct product and application and help from the client to control this hardy pest.

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